photo 3Piercings are not to be taken lightly and certainly should not be a do-it-yourself project. Basic health concerns such as the use of sterile instruments and proper placement of body jewelry are among the guiding principles at Star Tattoo.

Customers of Star Tattoo receive guidance and aftercare instructions for taking care of piercings to prevent infection. Body jewelry and body art is about individuality. You should also know that individuals have different tolerance levels for pain and that different parts of the body are more susceptible to pain than others.

Most of our piercings are priced at $40, tax included. You will be punctured by Roy Hicks who has over 18 years of body piercing experience. Due to the nature of lip piercings, we no longer offer this service. Having observed these piercings over the years, we have noticed that most people will have a problem in the long run with gums being worn down with the possibility of losing teeth! Yikes! So, for moral reasons, we no longer offer this service. Thanks for understanding!

Come and check out our selection of body jewelry and schedule an appointment for your piercing.